Thursday, 22 June 2017


     Llegó el fin de curso y éste llegó cargado de actividades tan divertidas como emotivas.

     When the course finishes we are getting used to celebretring nice activities of different nature (theatre plays, prizes, concerts, graduation...) This end of the course has been also plenty of this kind of events, I would like to point out especially two of them.

     Oliver and Annie (after the successful Romeo and Juliet and Grease), 3ESO B and Mónica have performed another excellent musical play mixing the plots of  Dickens´ Oliver Twist and the movie Annie, amazingly performed and above all unbelievable sung (Gloría Luna, who played the character of Annie, must record a CD or deserves to win any TV talent show).

     The concert directed by "Monsieur" Jesús Alemeida  was a moving show where, by their French songs, almost all the students of our school honoured Mr. José María Moya, who leaves IES Profesor Tomás Hormigo after twenty-four years. Good bye, friend.

     Enjoy your summer.

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