Monday, 17 October 2016

The Halloween #Twitter Tale

     Se presentan las bases para el concurso de microrelatos de terror en inglés para celebrar Halloween.

    Halloween is coming and all the ghosts and spirits are looking forward to their trick-or-treat events. Our school English Department and the Bilingual team want to add a new activity to our calendar: the Halloween Twitter Tale. Our students will write really horrifying stories but just using the 140 twitter characters.

      "When he was feeding his dead grandpa's dad it meowed `Thanks, grandson'" or "After stabbing his enemy he discovered he had his own face. The papers said it was a suicide" are examples of this genre where few words move and thrill us or even get our scream.

     In a few days we will read their best tales here.


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

European Day of Languages

Con motivo de la efeméride del Día de las Lenguas Europeas nuestro centro, como todos los años, desarrolló una serie de actividades para reflexionar sobre la enorme importancia de estas en nuestra sociedad: desde actividades variopintas como la elaboración de mapas o el contraste de vocablos a la realización de concursos.

     Last Monday, 26th September 2016, the European Day of Languages, a momentous event for our school, was held by our students. The diverse nationalities of our pupils together with the relationship among different cultures are one of our main features, and this is a great day to show we are really proud of it.

     Every year new activities are put on to celebrate this day and to remember the importance of the varying languages in the European Community themselves as the acknowledgement and use of different ones: since map drawing or introduction to many languages' terms to quizzes about the different European languages.