Monday, 5 June 2017

C U soon, friend

     Nuestro amigo George terminó su tiempo aquí y continúa con sus aventuras, por unos meses aún por España para seguir más tarde por el resto del mundo. Se lleva todo nuestro cariño allá por donde vaya.

      George H. Harman arrived in January, straight from New Zealand, to help us with our English but he didn´t only play that role, he became an excellent partner and appealling motivation for our students. He never said no to any of our proposals, being always ready to participate on any activity  and always with fun: teaching rugby, playing music, travelling with us whenever we had to (Isla Mágica, Selwo, Málaga University Meeting...).

    Several farewel events took place, both students (writing thank you letters, asking about his experiences among us, giving him presents...) and teachers having a dinner with him and giving him a gift for him to remember us too.

    Throughout our years of bilingual studies, we have met excellent people who came here to work hard and learn with us (Abbey, Preston... ) they will never be forgotten and George has earned a place among them, in our particular Olympus for speaking auliaries.

   CU soon, friend.

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