Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Hard Times

     Nuestra profesora de ATAL (Aula Temporal de Adaptación Lingüística), Dª Margarita M. Mora, viene realizando estos días en diversos grupos una actividad, en apariencia bastante "loca" (si se me permite la expresión) pero con una finalidad magnífica: acercar un poco al alumnado ordinario las dificultades y el aislamiento que sufre un alumno que acude por primera vez a un centro, cuando se trata de un estudiante que no habla nuestra lengua en absoluto, situación más que frecuente en nuestro centro.

     You are a shy and vulnerable twelve-year-old boy or girl, new at school but that is not your biggest problem: sometimes, when someone talks to you, which unfortunately does not always happen, you cannot understand a word or a gesture, even a smile makes you doubt its actual meaning.

    This is a most common phenomenon is our school, lots of Ukranian, Romanian, Moroccan... arrive in our school straight from their origin countries and they crash into the language barrier. The ATAL (Temporary classroom for language adaptation) program is a great help, even though sometimes it is not enough since we need more hours and more teachers for this purpose. Anyway, by this program these foreign students get involved in the life of our school and learn Spanish very fast, faster than we could figure out beforehand.

     Ms Margarita M. Mora, ATAL teacher, has developed an activity which looks quite crazy as the jump from one chair onto another to bring that feeling of loneliness and confuson closer. After that, some of our former non-Spanish-speaking "foreigners" talked about their experiences with anecdotes and harder times to finally thank for all the support received during such difficult situations.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

We start on the European Day of Languages

    Empezamos un nuevo curso y no hemos encontrado una efeméride mejor.

    Hello again, we begin a new year and we think we do it in the best way possible: last Tuesday (Sept 26th) was the European Day of the Languages.
"we can´t speel that word!"

     As another warn-up activity, English used this day, addressing to the roots of our tongues to draw the main structural differences between a germanic language such as English and Spanish a romanic one. This is a good chance to introduce grammar in our ESO 3 and 4 classes but from a different point of view, analysing their origins as we study some features of latin and other germanic languages as we also focus on other side elements as historical events or legends and myths.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Well-earned homage

     Even after our students have left, teachers must stay at school for some three weeks, we do some administrative work to finish the ending school year and to begin to get ready the next one. So this week we had the chance to live a really moving and special event, Mrs Lola Portillo, great colleague and former school´s bilingual program coordinator, was honoured by the naming of one of our class-rooms after being an excellent teacher and being the first one to get retirement in IES Profesor Tomás Hormigo.

Congratulations, Lola, you have always had room for you here but now you do have yout own one.