Our Oscars

Short Film Oscars 2017

       This project got the best movie award . HUMAN RACE, an unbelievable  allegorical dream/nightmare by Taylor and Romy Hopewell, a great reflection for everyone to think about.

PET LIFE was the hilarious story  after the hard work of getting cats and dogs acting. Best FX. Enjoy it!


 Short Film Oscars 2015

       The Best Movie winner was Judged, which is not only a lovely project but also it comes with a beautiful message. 

Short film Oscars 2014

Best moments in photographs of the Oscars ceremony in IES Mar de Alborán (June 2014).

The Last Tangerine, best project award definitely YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!!!

And The Last Day of Summer, another of our great projects (don´t miss its trailer).


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