Friday, 16 June 2017

Oscars 2017 (4th Edition)

     Como cada final de curso durante los últimos cuatro años, celebramos nuestro festival de cortometrajes en inglés, los Oscars Profesor Tomás Hormigo. Este año fue un verdadero éxito con la participación de más de 25 proyectos.

      Today, Friday June 16th, the fourth edition of our English short film festival, Oscars Profesor Tomás Hormigo, was a success. We can say so because we got 26 projects from which we chose seven finalists, among them, we found comedy (The Party, Pet Life, The Worst Super-Hero), Horror (The Last Meeting), Drama (Life without Colours, The Videotutorial) and a critical analysis of society, the Best Project winner, Human Race.

     As we said before, the seven finalist films which were shown today came out from the previous 26 projects worked out by our students, as a result of the involvement of lots of teachers: this has been the first edition which the whole English board teachers have taken part in, being this short film project prime part of 3ESO and 4ESO speaking skills assessment. Besides teachers of other areas have also helped with different duties like music, being jury, decorating... thanks to them all this edition has been a special one.

     The library was the place where the results of their projects were played, a great surprise for all the students since the seven finalist titles were top secret:
-The Party: An eccentric and funny plot about four posh girls invited to a party to be kidnapped... or not, something quite David-Lynch-like but much more colourful and in. Awarded with the Oscar for Best Actress, Candela García (4ºB).
-Pet Life: One of the most original pieces seen today, a hilarious story of cats and dogs where actual animals were the characters dubbed by our students´ voices. Awarded with the Oscars for Best Screenplay and Best Actor, Harrison Genders (3ºC). Click here to watch it. 
-Human Race: Actually, a masterpiece, it looks simple but it is a complex analysis with symbolism, animation and a moral. Awarded with the Oscar for Best Visual Effects and BEST MOVIE, to Romy and Taylor Hopewel (3ºB). Click here to watch it.
-The Last Meeting: The teenage horror film which is never missed on our festivals, a kind os I Know What You Did Last Romería. Awarded with the new category, Oscar for Best Non-Native English.
-Life without Colours: Some common, or not so, problems of our boys and girls are successfully depicted by this black and white film. Awarded with the Oscar for Best Message.
-The Videotutorial: Domestic violence and social networking collide in this excellent short, a work which moved most of us. Awarded with the Oscars for Best Film Editing and Best Soundtrack.
-The Worst Super-Hero: It is not easy to be a hero but you can really laugh at him when he such a mess. Awarded with the Oscar for Funniest Movie. 

     Later they met at the gym to know who the winners were. Conducted by José Luis Caballos, also as usual, the prizes were given by their English teachers and Inmaculada García, Olivia Cózar, Carmen Beltrán, Fernando Banda, Daniel Molina, Javier Orellana and our headteacher, Juan Manuel Campos, who thanked all our students for their amazing short films before giving the Best Movie Prize.

     As usual it has been a great day but usual doesn´t mean it was less exciting.


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