Tuesday, 18 November 2014

New mascot!

       Sí, damas y caballeros, por fin, ya la tenoms aquí. Nuestro blog tiene mascota y es muy, pero que muy, divertida.

     Tras la convocatoria del concurso para elegir a la mascota de nuestra web y exponer los diseños que, a ojos del jurado, parecían mejores y más apropiados, por fin nuestra nueva mascota salió elegida. Se trata del simpático Lord Tommy, dibujo de la alumna de 4ºbilingüe Jessica Linterman Lledo.
     Seguro que muy pronto esta figura se habrá convertido en alguien muy familiar para nosotros.



     And the winner is this weird blue ball wearing a top hat. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Lord Tommy. Our new kind mascot seems happy to have been elected out of this original group of drawings.

       As you can see we have received such amazing pictures to represent this blogpage that it has been a very difficult choice. We cannot forget to mention another interesting design, Cecilia Miralles´ guard has been chosen as second-prize finalist.

     We want to thank all the contestants and to claim we are really proud of all your works.

Friday, 14 November 2014

English Cemetery and Roman Theatre of Malaga

     El pasado Jueves 13 de Noviembre nuestro alumnado bilingüe de 1º y 2º realizó una salida a Málaga para conocer dos puntos claves de nuestro patrimonio cultural: el cementerio inglés de Málaga y el teatro romano. Sin duda, esta salida se convirtió en una experiencia magnífica.

    Here we can see some of the pictures taken last Thursday 13th November when our students of the groups 1ESO Cbi/Dbi and 2ESO Bbi/Cbi visited two of the main cultural landmarks in Malaga: the English Cemetery and the Roman Theatre.
    During our visit to the first Protestant cemetery in Spain, we found out a lot of information about the place, its founding and the history of the town. There we also visited the graves of important historical characters such as William Mark (1772-1849), founder of this place, and the war hero Robert Boyd (1805-1831), or well-known writers like Jorge Guillén (1893-1984), Aarne V. Haapakoski (1904-1961) and Gerald Brenan (1894-1987).

     We could look into deeper details of Malaga's history as we came into the Roman Theatre, one of the most impressive structures in this town: a first-century theatre which later became a salted fish industry and later a necropolis. Our students enjoyed the visit to its stage, stands and galleries.

     A great trip!

more info: http://actividadesiespth.blogspot.com.es/2014/11/visita-al-cementerio-ingles-de-malaga.html

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Welcome Preston!

     El pasado martes el grupo de 4ºAB bilingüe dio una especial bienvenida a Preston, nuestro recién llegado auxiliar de conversación americano: una ”rueda de prensa” en la que con simpatía este respondió al aluvión de preguntas por parte del alumnado.

     A continuación dejo extractos de las redacciones donde algunos alumnos como Cedric, Sofía, Phoebe, Verónica y Yihui dejaron plasmado lo más representativo de sus respuestas.

     “The person we interviewed was the Texan conversation assistant, Preston A. Grimes, who came over to help us improve our English for the next nine months”

     “Starting off with his personal life we can officially say he is single, yes ladies, he is single.”

     “Along the interview we discovered he likes to travel around the world. He has visited different American and European countries. He has also visited sixteen of the fifty United States of America. He told us he really likes living in Spain. He came to meet other kind of people and to learn Spanish because he loves to learn different languages, although he studied the grade of History. He wants to visit all the country, especially cities like Bilbao, Gerona, Santander o Cádiz.”

     “His hobbies, obviously, the adventure of knowing new places and cultures. He also likes sports, especially skiing, as well as nature, cinema or soul and jazz music: his favourite singer is Sam Cooke and movie Kubrick´s Dr Strangelove. But what he loves is dance, he dances swing, bachata, salsa, merengue... he even tried to clap flamenco when he was asked if he liked it.”

     “I´d like to add a huge interest in food reflected every time we asked whether he liked the places he had been to, his answers always included `The food was very nice´.His favourite food is kebab.”

     “He let us know lots of interesting things talking not only about himself but also different topics such as religion, politics or even football. He doesn´t know what will be next after his stay with us in May... maybe he settles in Andalucía.”