Friday, 25 November 2016

Monday, 21 November 2016

Mannequin Challenge

     La educación es un desafío diario y hay que aprovecharse de todas las ventajas que la sociedad como la tecnología, los medios o las redes pueden ofrecernos. Sin duda este "desafío maniquí" es un fenómeno viral que puede convertir una clase en un momento divertido y lograr elevar la motivación del alumnado, como sucedió el pasado viernes 18 en nuestras clases de inglés de primero de ESO.

     Using internet trends to develop educational activities is not new but what it is really new is this crazy fashion known as "the mannequin challenge".  This hilarious phenomenon could be described as videos where everyone keeps frozen while performing any routine, a worldwide fashion which has hooked sportsmen, musicians and even politicians.

     Fridays are great, but that is after the bell rings, Friday lessons are really hard and we teachers have to look for alternative activities in order to make our students work in the most appealing ways. By means of recording one of this funny videos, we gave our boys and girls orders to describe the action they should be miming during the performance-"...Ana, you are hiding under the desk while you two, Hugo and Álvaro, are sword-fighting with your pencilcases", turning this viral phenomenon into an English listening comprehension exercise.

     You can watch the videos to assess the result even though by these frozen scenes you won´t get the actual fun of them. 


Thursday, 10 November 2016

Caminito del Rey

     El 9 de noviembre nuestros grupos de B/C y B vivieron una experiencia única, junto a sus profesores de Sociales y Ciencias, disfrutaron de la visita bilingüe al Caminito de Rey.  El Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, en Ardales es uno de los atractivos turísticos más llamativos de nuestra provincia; por lo que vivieron una experiencia inolvidable, aprendiendo sobre su historia, orografía.

    The groups 4B, 3B and C visited last Wednesday one of the most amazing geographical features the Gorge of Los Gaitanes. This breathtaking defile which has been recently re-opened after the necessary works, providing safety to such a terrific site.

    Besides the impresssive views of the rocky landscape, according to Mr Luis Hernández, our science teacher, "this interesting visit has been a cross-disciplinary study not only of the path itself but also the area and its sociological, geological, biological, archeological aspects throughout all its history since prehistorical times". 

    We cannot forget to thank Mr Cristóbal Navarro, Social Science teacher, for his great photographs.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Halloween Day

       El viernes 28 de Octubre nuestro centro se disfrazó de múltiples actividades en las que zombies, vampiros y todo tipo de monstruos ambientaron un día de Halloween más que especial: concursos literarios, concurso de calabazas de Halloween, diseños de monstruos, historias de terror o incluso la venta de terroríficos y sabrosísimos desayunos ambientaron la previa a esta festividad cada vez más en auge entre nuestros alumnos.

   Our Halloween this year has been a myriad of diverse activities and most of our students have been involved in some of them; from our 1ESO's who carved the most thrilling Jack O'Lanterns to our 4ESO's who, disguised as their favourite monsters, told horror stories to all their partners, then rewarded with a scary film when our library became a Halloween cinema. 1ESO´s designed monsters using the vocabulary learnt by which they described the most horrifying  creatures.
      Our Silent-Hill-like school didn´t stop frightening us all during the whole Friday, even at our lunch time when our 4ESO boys and girls sold fearful and delicious cookies and cakes in order to get funds for their trip, which we will talk soon about.

          Finally I want to talk about the excellent micro-tales written for our "Halloween Twitter Tales" contest... Congratulatios, Taylor Hopewell, for your great work! But it is a shame we could award only one person because there were lots of awesome tales and we do know how hard to impress us with just 140 characters is. You can read some of the best on our twitter (@biliespth)

      It has been hard because it is difficult to get involved in so many activities but it has been worth... we cannot wait for our next Halloween.