Thursday, 15 January 2015

What's the Media

     El pasado día 13 de enero tuvo lugar la visita por parte de los grupos de 3º y 4º bilingües a las sedes malagueñas de dos de los medios de comunicación andaluces de mayor importancia: el periódico Diario Sur y la Radio Televisión andaluza, Canal Sur RTVA

     According to the communicative competence goals described by the Spanish Language and Literature teaching program and as part of the study of the media, our school visited a journal and a radio/TV broadcaster.

     The children were really excited about knowing how an actual newspaper like Diario Sur works. A special moment during this visit was when we were shown the section in English of the journal.

     Then we had a great time at the Andalusian television home, Canal Sur,  where we attended a live show and even we had lots of laughs when some of our students dared to imitate the frustrating New Year's broadcast (if you don't know what I am talking about, use twitter, this topic has been #TT for several days in Spain).

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