Tuesday, 27 January 2015

7th Career Orientation Conferences

      Perteneciente a las VII Jornadas de Orientación de nuestro centro, el pasado martes 27 de enero presenciamos una actividad que viene desarrollándose con mucho éxito durante los últimos cursos: la charla sobre orientación laboral de la mano del, ya nuestro, psicólogo Jorge Bejarano, asesor financiero, coach y psicólogo experto en marketing y recursos humanos.

     Our students of Year 4 are about to face a prime crossroad for their future, they should begin choosing the right options in their careers in order to have the chance to get a job they like in the future. Therefore our school counselor board is developing the 7th Career Orientation Conferences: teachers, lawyers, doctor or journalists will be giving conferences so that we will understand different aspects of each job (the description of the different university programs, what you have to do once you get that job, diverse posibilities for each career...)

     One of the main activities during these conferences is the orientation counselling by our favourite psychologist Jorge Bejarano, throughout his forty-five minute speech we get lots of advice about CV's, what we should look for in a job or what is the way we should behave during a job interview. The most illustrative way to show this last point is by means of an interview drill and what is best about it is that it is in English, an activity which is not very usual in ordinary secondary schools.

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