Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Nature Camp in Almería

      Nuestro programa bilingüe ofrece actividades a todos los niveles, ofertando a tercero la salida a un campamento de aventura en el medio natural utilizando el inglés como lengua vehicular. Durante los días del 12 al 15 de mayo nuestro alumnado visitó el Aula de Naturaleza Predes en la provincia de Almería.

     3ºAbi and 3ºBbi visited one of the worst-known areas in Andalucía, the rear part of Alpujarra, that area belonging to Almería, has become an excellent setting to learn and play in nature.  During these hot days of spring, they have really found out what the meaning of the word desert is by the trip to Tabernas Desert. They have also hiked by the wilderness of the hills, taken part in lessons to get different activities from creating a perfume out of plants to baking cakes, run through a gymkhana and visited the setting for actual western movies.

     And what can be better than having such an experience with teachers like Luis Hernández and Cristóbal Navarro?

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