Friday, 29 May 2015

Coming Soon...

     Se aproxima la fecha de la próxima entrega de Oscars a los proyectos de cortometrajes en inglés de los alumnos de cuarto de año, once proyectos han sido entregados, ¿eres capaz de aguantar mucho más para verlos y conocer a los premiados?

     Eleven short-film projects have been carried out this school year. On Monday, June 15th, we will enjoy again the magic moments of the Oscars. We will have the premier of the best works made by our 4º students, then we will find out who will be awarded with the Oscars for best actress or actor, best film editing, best screenplay or best project.

    In the meantime you can peek the trailers of three of this year's projects: Amy, a horror story with ghosts, ouijas and lots of scary moments; The Two Sides of Life, a story which analyses some problems of schools nowadays and Her Last Night, a group of girls go through one friend's mysterious vanishing.

      I cannot wait, can you?


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