Friday, 17 April 2015

WE LOoooooooVE S P R I N G!!!

     Ya llegó la primavera y, con ella, las salidas de los grupos bilingües como viene haciéndose durante los últimos cuatro años. Las actividades programadas son la Sierra y la Mina en la provincia de Huelva y el Aula de la Naturaleza en la de Almería, ambas excursiones con el inglés como vehículo de comunicación y profundizando en diversos aspectos de nuestra comunidad
tanto sociales como ambientales.

     During spring time, as we have been doing for four years, we are visiting different regions of our community by the development of some activities which help us learn about diverse aspects of nature, society and economy.

     Through La Sierra y La Mina (Mountain and Mine) program, 2ESO visit Río Tinto: its copper mines, museum, British-origin neighborhood, nature paths and river; an amazing trip you should miss if you have not done yet (APRIL 12th and 13th, with their teachers José and Mónica).

     In Sierra de Almería (southern boundary of Alpujarra), our 3ESO are discovering a surprising landscape, where mountains and desert combine, by the adventurous activites involving this Aula de la Naturaleza; a great chance to practice sports and have lots of fun as they learn (APRIL 21st, 22nd and 23rd, with Luis and Cristóbal).

     We will tell you what they are doing and show some pictures once there.

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