Friday, 24 April 2015

Mountains and Mines

     "La Sierra y la Mina" es una actividad que viene desarrollándose en nuestro centro durante cuatro años: organizada por el Departamento de Bilingüismo, nuestro alumnado bilingüe de 2ºESO disfruta de las variopintas actividades programadas en las localidades de Río Tinto y Aracena.

      Our ESO2 visited Río Tinto and Aracena again: this year, our students travelled there with the teachers Mónica Villena and José León. This program "Mountains and Mines" offer totally different activities which make this trip and excellent adventure where you exercise, learn, have fun and live exciting moments with your friends.

     They have hiked along wandering paths surrounded by chestnut trees, discovered how copper mines worked a century ago, enjoyed breathtaking landscapes, played adventure games in the forest, travelled by a picturesque train by the red waters of Río Tinto...

      It has been the fourth time our school does this trip and it won't be the last.

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