Tuesday, 7 October 2014


El Programa de Bilingüismo en conjunto con el Departamento de Plástica ponen en marcha un concurso para que nuestros alumnos diseñen a Tommy, la que será mascota de nuestro blog.

The name of the competition is
 "Who´s Tommy", but don´t copy
 the 70´s The Who´s Tommy
As you know this blog has just been created and we need your help. You can be the one who designs our web mascot. The Bilingual Program Board and the Plastic Art Department want you all to take part in this competition.

Your drawing can be a person, an animal, an alien, a living object, a “don´t-know-what” being... you can use different techniques from a simple pencil sketch to a computer design, we don´t mind: just be original and name it Tommy (a kind tribute to our school).

All your drawings will be welcome, please make sure you finish your project before the deadline (October 10th) . There will be a prize for the winner even though the best recognition will be to see your work has become an emblem of our school.

Good luck!!!

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