Thursday, 23 October 2014

Talking about Biology

     Dentro del programa bilingüe de nuestro centro, no debemos pasar por alto la inclusión y entrega de los departamentos de Ciencias Sociales y Biología y Geología. 
     A continuación mostramos algunos de los mejores proyectos resultado de la actividad final de la Unidad 1, La Célula Animal y Vegetal, por parte de nuestros alumnos de 3ºBbi y 3ºCbi.

      When we talk about a bilingual school, maybe some think about the obvious importance of the English, French or German lessons but many may forget that there are other subjects involved in this program becoming as important as the teaching of the second language itself since we are giving our lessons that bilingual aspect especially when we use this language for different purposes such as the learning in different fields.

     An excellent example can be the Unit 1 final project (Animal and Plant Cell) of the Biology Program for 3º ESO. Our 3Bbi and 3Cbi groups have shown their knowledge about such a complex science and terminology about different kinds of cells and their parts or the different types of tissues.

     These are some of the most remarkable posters (the ones which got the best marks), we must be really proud of them as well as proud of the "scientartists" who drew them.

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