Monday, 4 June 2018

Oscars 2018

     Un año más, y van cinco, presenciamos una de las principales exposiciones de la creatividad de nuestro alumnado de cuarto curso: el festival/concurso de cortometrajes en inglés, Oscars Profesor Tomás Hormigo.

     On Friday (not 13th) 25th of May the fifth Oscars Profesor Tomás Hormigo Awards were given by a ceremony of the kind we are used to celebrating: the red carpet, Oscar statuettes, the presence of lots of our teachers (mainly the whole English board and headteachers), Mr José Luis Caballos´ bad jokes, even a try of musical performance with the help of our beloved Mariano and, obviously, the premiere of our students´mini-masterpieces. 

     After a funny introduction by our teacher, making reference to groups, the school year and the projects and the duet “City of Stars” performed by Jose Luis and Mariano (via whatsapp video), we saw the five finalist movies, which eventually shared the prizes:

-Illusion is a first-person story about a teenagers´ betrayal and suicide which won the Awards for Best Movie and Best Screenplay.

-Weird Neighbours is the result of the wildest Harrison Genders´performance, project winner of the Best Actor category.

-Monday the 13th is a fun and hysterical piece emplaced in a frightening setting, which got the technical prizes (Best Edition and Best Music selecction).

-Friends got the Best Actress Award (Jessie Linton) and Best Message awards.

-The Truth, mocking on our politicians won the statues for Best Comedy and Best Non-Native English.

     Excellent work and really rewarding for us English teachers. Congratulations everyone!

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