Friday, 23 March 2018


     El agua  también tuvo su protagonismo con actividades dentro del plan bilingüe con motivo de la celebración de su efeméride.

     Physics and English boards used  Word Water Day to introduce different activities. 22 March has become the day to value the importance of water for our health, societies and environment. Many subjects like P. E. , Ethics or Sciences focused on diverse aspects of its importance by their lessons but we are talking about the original outcome of its teaching in two other subjects. 

     Our 3ESO students worked on posters to inspire NGO's where water took a protagonist role (famine, turtles, the poles were some of the targets of their call). 1ESO with Mr Emilio Bustelo studied the physical properties of  H2O and we are able to see the result of their dynamic activity in the playground by means of this interesting video.

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