Wednesday, 20 December 2017


     Como cada año, cuando se acercan las fiestas navideñas los departamentos de lengua inglesa y bilingüismo organizan la salida a una sala de cine para ver una de las novedades en cartelera más atractivas en versión original con subtítulos. Este año fue el turno de Wonder, una verdadera maravilla que todos los niños y niñas deberían ver.

     We were phoned by the cinemas with no time to react when they told us it was impossible to watch the film we had chosen and we were (nearly) forced to see "Wonder". It has been like a Christmas miracle, Wonder is a movie which every child, or everyone, should see because of its plot, characters and moral: it is an excellent prize to our students after their first term exams.

     This trip is one of the only two when all the classes at school have the chance to participate so the number of buses (four) and kids (more than two hundred) is remarkable.

     We visited la Cañada, some even got time to do some shopping after having their popcorn watching such a lovely film. No one missed a scene as the plot hooks you from the very beginning and, what is better, I am sure everyone  has learnt a lot about empathy, bullying, friendship and family.

     So, do not hesitate and go to the cinema during Christmas and "enjoy" with your family this breathtaking story... but bring kleenex!

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