Thursday, 26 October 2017

Here´s Ben

      Como cada curso desde que somos centro bilingüe hemos recibido a nuestro auxiliar de conversación de lengua inglesa nativo. Este curso trabajaremos junto al compañero Ben Jones, procedente de Gales; seguro que será una gran ayuda que, al mismo tiempo, él también aprenderá mucho de esta experiencia ¡Bienvenido!

      Ben Jones comes from Wales and he is 21-year-old who loves sports (including Spanish football) and music, after his music studies he is an expert on piano and drums. It is not his first time in our country and he likes it very much so that he decided to come around and give us a hand.

     An important part of the bilingual program in Andalusian schools is the assistance by a native English speaker so that every year we receive some girl or boy ready to learn a lot about our country, costumes and educational daily life as our student have a chance to listen and talk to someone from an English-speaking country and learn about their culture.

      He will stay with us until May and he will be working with our Maths, Geography, Sciences, Music and Technology teachers. All our staff welcomed him and, as we did the last two years, our library project coordinator, Ms.Olivia Cózar, gave him a welcome gift in the name of our school:  an abridged version of El Cantar de Mio Cid, to start with Spanish literature.

     We are sure that he will enjoy his stay and our school will be very lucky to have him with us.


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