Wednesday, 15 February 2017


      Día 14 de Febrero, San Valentín, cartas de amor, detalles románticos, chocolate, flores rojas... nuestro centro se volcó igual que Cupido para celebrar esta divertida efeméride. En las clases de inglés se declaró amor eterno... al arte.
     St. Valentine's is an excuse to say "I love you" and , as we are used to conventions about Cupid's arrows and many consider this celebration the "Shopping Centres Day", we claimed our love to and though ART.

     Music, cinema and literature, which we deeply love, give us millions of examples of love, to our beloved ones (not just the usual examples but also family, friends, pets...). Our lessons shared some movies' scenes to show this feeling from different points of view (Some Like it Hot, Love Actually or ET were some of our sources).


     Literature was obviously our focus as well and what's better than one of William Shakespeare's sonnets; most of our students felt really delighted after discovering the hidden meaning of Sonnet 130 :

    Finally, we listened to one of the most popular love hymns ever, The Beatles´ "All You Need is Love".


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