Tuesday, 3 March 2015

At the airport

    Nuestro 3ESO bilingüe disfrutó de una más que interesante visita al Aeropuerto de Malaga, donde mediante una ruta guiada en lengua inglesa aprendieron del correcto uso, funcionamiento y curiosidades sobre este elemento clave para el desarrollo del turismo en nuestra comunidad.   

      Just after our Semana Blanca break, on Monday 2nd March, some of our pupils of year 3 (Bilingual group), who had just unpacked their luggage the day before, visited Malaga's Airport.

     Throughout their English-spoken visit they learnt how to use this such an important element for Andalisian tourism as well as they found out the lots of different tasks developed there.

     Let's read some compositions about the trip our students have written.

         "Last Monday, 2nd March, the students from 3rd grade bilingual visited Malaga Airport with our English teachers Mónica and Inmaculada.
In the airport, a friendly worker explained to us how to board our plane and what we must do when we arrive in our destination.
She also showed us the installations and some places, details and facts that I wouldn´t have known if I hadn´t gone there.
In my opinion, it has been a great trip because I have learnt new interesting things and I had a great time with my friends and teachers- in the previous lessons and during the trip".
Maribel Amorós

          "This visit was really good, now when we have to go somewhere by plane we already know the steps to follow before and after getting on and off the plane.
The visit was guided by a bilingual guide. We understood her English very well and she explained stuff to capture the attention of the whole group.
I recommend this experience for other age groups so that they learn more about this place and the steps you have to do on an aerial trip".

José Luis Sampalo

          "In my opinion, the trip to the airport was pretty good. Maybe, they should have shown us more places, for example we could have walked into a plane, got into it, ……or they could have explained more signs….
In spite of this, I don´t have anything to complain about and I recommend doing it in the next few years".
Ana Díaz

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