Monday, 15 December 2014

I´m dreaming on a white... READING?!

     Siempre es una gran iniciativa fomentar la lectura entre nuestro alumnado.  Cuando muchos me preguntan cómo mejorar en la asignatura de inglés, es también la lectura una de las mejores opciones que se pueden ayudar de manera notable. Hoy en día gracias a la tecnología, principalmente internet, es algo que está al alcance de casi todos; además nuestro centro y su biblioteca se prestan también a esta actividad.

     Reading is an incredible activity which does not need more than a book. And by reading, we can improve our own language or a foreign one: not only expressions and vocabulary but also issues about the culture setting we read about can be learnt by this (more than healthy) habit, in the meantime we sometimes discover historical facts, how things work or the different ways people think... Love stories, travels, dangers can be a good setting to learn English.

     Christmas holidays have plenty of time to do whatever you want, a lot of things, you can rest, play with your PSX, visit your relatives, sing carols, cook... but you can also have a nice time as you enjoy the reading of a book you have chosen. You can find e-books or texts on the internet or you may find an old comic or novel at home but you can also borrow something from our school's bilingual library section.

     A suitable choice would be our Social Studies teacher Cristóbal Navarro's suggestion: have you ever read Asterix' adventures? You should know the adventures of this Gaul hero and his friends through the most hilarious situations from the land of the Picts to the ancient Olympic Games.

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